by Centiment

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'Retro' is a brand new EP entirely based on songs from our past, re-imagined into the Centiment sound we have grown into.


released November 17, 2014

Produced by Greg McPherson, all music by Centiment, song by Dave and Greg McPherson.



all rights reserved


Centiment England, UK

Formed of InMe's Dave McPherson, Greg McPherson & Gazz Marlow plus the wonderfully adept Neil Howard & Mark Shurety, we've created a monstrous abomination that we'd like to share with music lovers worldwide. We've poured blood, sweat & tears into the creation of a metal album that attempts to explore unknown areas of the universe of sound. Thank you so much for being part of our beginning. ... more

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Track Name: Embers in Burning Fields

Embers in burning fields.
Memories slowly killed.
Clambering through the chill.
Reverie's silent shrill.

A numb strength that pretends to depend on nobody, on nobody except for her.
A son sent to repent & make amends with everyone, with everyone except for her.

Claw one's way back towards the south.
Through ashen lands consumed by drought.

What would you do if I died?
Carry the fire, carry the fire inside.

He is the word of God & God never spoke.
Dead streams & vacant dreams wandering aimlessly.

Upon the scent of Heaven I choke.
Red seas where an ocean once drained through me.

Bleached by the unknown, unclaimed thrones for nobody, for nobody except for death.
Scorched by the echoes unbeknownst to everyone, to everyone 'til nothing's left.

This heart of stone will never find home.
This lonely road sings no ode.
Through the stricken grim we boldly roam.
Through thick & thin we coldly go.
Track Name: Realm
We have become one, two lost souls stare blankly at the sun.
It's warmth brings no comfort, no sensation.
All success squandered in this desert some march through with ease.
Cursed blessed wander through the dirt ridden seas.

We bow to no God.
We are the arbiters of our own afflicted fate.
This crown is a fraud.
We are the cruelty unto ourselves...

…Selfish generations passing down only pain.
Helpless revelations.
The sins of forefathers remain.

He shares his name with his child's shame.

Climb on down from there, it isn't the safest place to be.
You belong at the bottom of the bottles & death with me.

You have no choices, just unheard voices.
I pass this damage to you.

He shares his name with his child's shame.
He bears no blame for what he became.
He wears his pain in the pouring rain.
His heir to the throne burning in his flames.

It's your turn to burn.
We never live nor learn.

The wasted wonders flowing through our veins
The wasted wander glowing dimmer each day.
The choice to have no choice.
Growing weak in the grey.

Welcome to my realm.
Track Name: Rose Tinted God
Until I am skin & bones.
Until I am the earth.
Until I am the sea.
I'm dying to show you my obituary.
Will you celebrate me?

Then the statue begins to creak.
Wash away all the rusted bleak.
The strength overcomes the weak.
A new hope he shall seek.

We have to love ourselves & escape this silent hell.
Cage only emptiness inside our secret cells.
And lock away the keys that hate always yearns to sell.
Bleed out the darkness we know so well.

I couldn't find my spine.
The fucker left me behind.
Drowning in cowardice, crawling blind.
Leeches mining peace of mind.

I've never felt so anonymous.
Sensation creation apocalypse.
Rose tinted God.

Rock bottom, hope forgotten.
Burning out & fading away.
Rose tinted God.

Today I am the master of my universe.
Track Name: Standing on Tomorrow's Edge
An eternity of war.
Uncertainty before replaced by an impossible loop.
Humanity's constant doom.

The coward bravely falls.
For now & forever, my all.
Ever to escape the mundane.
Infinitely embracing the same.

I wish I had more time to share with you.
I miss the idea of another truth.
Reality hath become a nightmare.
I've died so many times I'm no longer scared.

Trapped in this cage.
Becoming primeval rage.
This twisted evil age.

Suffering endlessly.
Why have they sentenced me?
Again & again on the frontline.
Dying time after time.

Standing on tomorrow's edge.
A leap of faith over the ledge.
Track Name: Panic Attack
Frozen still, it's the silence that kills.
Holding my breath 'til there's nothing left.
All is dark & all is quiet.
The inner tremor of a heart so violent.

Nobody cares except for me.
Standing alone amongst the breeze & the trees.
Believing the worst as if my chest will burst.
Cursed by my own imagination immersed.

Stuck in my ways.
Bliss destroyed as calm is lead astray.

Panic Attack.
Bliss destroyed, they're watching our backs.

They're following me.
Fear is swallowing me whole.

Terrified of living a life.
Staring blind through sleepless nights.
What could I be? Am I enough?
How are the others made of such tough stuff?