Streets of Rage

by Centiment

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Alex Marvin
Alex Marvin thumbnail
Alex Marvin First getting hooked on InMe, Dave's killer vocals and wicked lyrics have drawn me in once again. Love the mixture of heavy guitars and retro noises. Love the album. Favorite track: Defenders of Oasis.
Irmelinis thumbnail
Irmelinis The songs on this album have some of the best melodies and choruses I've ever heard. The electronic sounds are perfectly integrated into the heavy music, making it really enjoyable and smooth sounding. Fantastic vocals too! Favorite track: Bloodshot.
GeN2Mo thumbnail
GeN2Mo Like the mildly hyperactive bastard of Sky Eats Airplane and Protest The Hero with SYL-ish eruptive outbreaks into extremer territories of Metal and a techy stakkato-groove approach to riffing.
Well... what can I say. Count me in. Favorite track: Acheron.
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released January 3, 2014

Produced by Mike Curtis with Greg McPherson and Centiment. Mixed and mastered by Mike Curtis.



all rights reserved


Centiment England, UK

Formed of InMe's Dave McPherson, Greg McPherson & Gazz Marlow plus the wonderfully adept Neil Howard & Mark Shurety, we've created a monstrous abomination that we'd like to share with music lovers worldwide. We've poured blood, sweat & tears into the creation of a metal album that attempts to explore unknown areas of the universe of sound. Thank you so much for being part of our beginning. ... more

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Track Name: S.O.S.
S.O.S. This is our family but we're fucking it up for the future.
S.O.S. We are her enemies we're sucking the blood 'til she ruptures.
S.O.S. We will pick on the flesh we are her cursed vultures.
S.O.S. We are the problem, pick us off like bastard leeches.

We are her cancer.
Our genocide is the answer.
Everyone swallow this pill & rendezvous at Suicide Hill & we'll leave them with a fighting chance. Yeah!

Hordes of people like me.
Spawn the secrets we keep of greed.
Imagine the beauty of a world without humanity.

Liars & schemers.
Ignorant daydreamers.
Leaders so corrupt.
Consume these cunts.
Shake all the lands.
Rake all mankind like sand.
Don't give one chance to beg apart from begging to be dead.

If we can't even trust ourselves why should we ever be trusted anymore?

All that we've learned counts for nothing against all that we've burned.

Wipe us out.
We are the ones that should bleed for Mother Nature she should never leave.
Track Name: Defenders of Oasis
I'll never give up on you.
I couldn't if I wanted to.
I'll never give up on us.

Me & you we've both been together since we were back in the womb.
You hit my heart, right at the very start I was humming an umbilical tune.
I thank my Father for the afterbirth was filled with you.
You sat deep in my heart & we've never been apart.
You are more than art to me.

You are the only constant in a world that constantly rotates.
You are the glorious monster that never destroys only creates.
You consume me like a euphonious sentient disease.
In a world of greed you are my one need.
You are the hand that feeds.

You created a world inside my head.
I'll lead this world until I'm dead.
You made a king out of me in my own undiscovered country.

You are my exploration songs.
You are the rights explored from wrongs.
You are my undiscovered triggered emotion.
You are my eternal ocean.

Defenders of Oasis.
You affect my behaviour, you're my only saviour.
I owe everything to you.
I have nothing to teach you but I have everything to learn from you.
Track Name: The Kraken
Get up mate, it's just a flesh wound.
Get up son, it's just a flesh wound.
On your feet, it's just a flesh wound.
Get up pussy, it's just a flesh wound & we ain't got time to bleed.

The starlight dreams bleaching out your sanity.
The scars might seem like they're leeching on your humanity.
But they serve as a reminder that you couldn't find her if you tried.

Little does she know your heart will continue to glow in another damsel's pocket.
New electricity flows through.
Trepidation through the nights.
The blood stains on your heart.
The unnecessary fights.
Don't wait for death before you part.

This damage is permanent.
You're not meant to be.
Fake smiles & excuses.
Materialistic love.

Mate I've been there.
And look what she went & did.
Still in my nightmares.
Baptising my heart with acid.

The venom spat through the phone.
The bitter words cut to the bone.
Please remember that some things will never change.
How does it feel living a lie?
Are you so afraid of saying goodbye?
Emotional blackmail sucking all your love dry.

You could be so much happier.
If you knew enough was enough.
Flog a dead horse with a bloody whip.
Be your own worst enemies.

Turns out this princess isn't perfect.
What d'ya fucking mean she isn't perfect?
Turns out this angel isn't worth it.
What d'ya fucking mean she isn't worth it?
Turns out this cherub is a demon.
Her tentacles have claimed so many seamen.
Listen son you're fucking living in a bubble.
She'll rip your heart out & stir it in the rubble.

The starlight dreams bleaching out your sanity.
The scars might seem like they're leeching on your humanity.
The dark nights bleed, the virus feeds on your vanity.
This so-called need, your shadow hides your insecurity.
Track Name: Acheron
Once upon a time there was a siren I knew.
Fictional fixation of a dream come true.

The first time I saw her I just had to explore her.
She is my heroine & I am her addict.
Inject her love into my veins, drain the magic.

Her eyes bled out a tragic story.
Her lips let out tales of the saddest of glories.
Her skin glistening within the rain storm.
Our souls both listening to the newborn love.

Nadke I'm begging you to return every night.
I'll pay whatever it takes to hold you so tight.

We cannot tire in our dreams.
This song is a fire across the seas to let you know that I'll always be waiting for you in my sleep.

Nadke came to me in a dream.
She was a girl like no other I'd seen.
Her eyes & hair they glowed emerald green.
Her naked purity so serene.

Life only gave you death & took everything that was left.
The sunlight it destroyed you.
And come night I'd lost the truth.

I hold onto your memory but only nothing can remedy the spirit & soul of Nadke.
Darling please forgive me.

Nadke I love you.
Nadke I need you.
Nadke I miss you.
Nadke I dream you.

And as this fairytale concludes nothing is everything to lose.

How can I miss someone that will never exist?
How can I kiss a temptress that won't resist?
How can my mind be so cruel?

How can my heart be so cruel?
How can my heart be so?
How can my heart be?
Track Name: Hollow Grams
Shove it, shove it up your nose son.
Then bombard my ear like a machine gun.
Spouting bullets of bollocks whilst your nose runs.
How many monkeys have you seriously snorted up?

It's everything to you.
Think of your wife?
Think of your life?

Have you truly thought this through?
Living a lie, the lowest high.

A slave to the chemical taste.
Abandoned ladies cradling babies.

Each day becomes general waste.
Promised maybes.

I'm no preacher, this is but a statement.
Tell me teacher, how do you feel later?

Ironic that you feel electronic whilst slicing up the reason that your plastic is empty.

Plenty more where that came from for sure.
We'll just make another call & sure enough there is a knock on the door.

It's only half past four in the morning leave your lover at home alone sat next to a forever mute phone.

Medicated moments of dirty hollow pleasure.
Desecrated loners who follow shallow treasures.

Serotonin should be earned not cheated.
Endorphins taken for granted & thoughtlessly repeated.

Fools so irresponsible.
It is never your fault when you twist the truth & you scream & shout.

You're never in, you're always out but she is too terrified to fly from the nest & leave this mess.

'Cause you've got a violent streak & you're life is so bleak that you bring others down 'cause you're so fucking weak.

The man that you've become ignores his only son.
In favour of a gathering with other so called fathers.

It's you who draws the lines bigger every time.
And blows it all away & makes them pay their way another day whilst Daddy happily plays away & pretends everything's ok.

Whilst a child blows out the candles on another birthday cake.
Papa acts the fake as he increases his heart rate.

Another invisible cold father lost his way & it's the strong that truly pay.

How do you live without feeling regret?
All she can do is forgive not forget.

How can you sleep with the secrets you keep?
Blame how you were raised, so pathetic & weak.

No strong man follows hollow grams.
Track Name: Viktor Frankl
Right! My venoms worsened, I spit with the tongue of a serpent.
Forget! Forget regret. Forget denial. These fascist beasts will beat me down.
I'll spit it back in their face. I'll flush the system 'til there's not a fucking trace left of any of you.

Let's purify the water, we cant poison our daughters.
Let's revolt for our desires, burning the fires of our love.

I could never leave my ambition, these people will not crush my decisions that I make, for the sake of love I continue.
I could never believe what you force feed, I could never bleed my dreams for the needs of greed.
Plant the seeds.

All my life I've been building myself.

The salvation of a man is through love & in love.
I'll find the strength buried within me not from above.
The angels are lost in perpetual love.
The dangers & costs are really dreams of an elite love story.

They shower me with hate so cold, so damp.
I bottled up concentrated love.
These fascist beasts will beat me down.
But time will tell who will prevail.

I will not suffer these fools even though I suffer.
I may not survive these wall but I will not suffer these fools.
No, I'm a free man.
I'll never break down.

Choking on your smoke & shadows, it makes me gag.
Track Name: Three Laws of Neurotics
Time takes us all, don't fear it.
But act now, seize the day, disobey, or you'll die to regret it.
I made the same mistake before & love became a war before it had started.

Life takes us all, don't waste it.
I can't preach, the leech of shame I've tasted twice & it spliced my heart with a genome of evil.
Bastard impure & primeval.

Once we were a duo of love & care.
A love so necessary, a war so fair.
Once we were damaged beyond repair.
And now I hold on to fragments of memories stripped bare.

How do we know when enough is enough?
Crawling through a bramble bush of questions marks is tough.
Two little boats upon waves so rough.
You survived the storm whilst I'm left belly up.

She showered me with hate so cold, so damp.
I bottled up concentrated love.
This fascist beast she brings me down.
But time will tell who will prevail.

Rule 1: Never ever let them get into your mind.
Penetrate your cortex with a vortex of bullshit.

Rule 2: Never compromise beyond the point of no return or burn your principals like the foolish.

Rule 3: Never ever start a family with the enemy.
Memories sit more comfortably amongst sanity.

Surgically removed from you with zero anaesthetic.
You were my twin, the opposite to my pathetic.
How am I supposed to believe a single word you said when the love you had for me is rotten & the seeds we planted dead?
Track Name: Bloodshot
Release the booze hounds.

I like to drink mother fucker, yeah it's my favourite thing to do.
And when I wake up hungover the cabinet is the first place that I go to.
People all around me bitching, they say that I have a problem.
I order me a double & another so fuck them.

They used to say that I was a party animal but now they say that I am a drunk.
Alcohol consuming alcohol until it becomes its own cannibal.

My kinda fun well it isn't too healthy but I always like to have too much fun.
Growing old it seems kinda hairy & hairy it kinda scares me.
Bloodshot eyes they will not disguise.

Take my money mother fucker.
Just take my money you wanker.
Take it, take it all.
And I will make you rich.

They used to say "That kid yeah he'll go a long way."
But now they say that I have washed it all away.
(What a cost to pay.)

I'll hide my pain away from you.
I'll keep it a secret if you force me to.
What you all call a disease, I choose to call necessity.
Please drink responsibly they say, sure thing, consistently every day.
Recommended daily allowance.
Pretending & failing compliance.

Blacking out in a strange place.
Waking in doubt, another shamed waste.
Déjà vu.
Alcoholic animosity.
I hate you.
Savage chronic constant curiosity.

I don't know who I am anymore.
What have I become?
What have I done?

Cut it out.
Track Name: Zero Tolerance
The only reason we're fucked beyond belief is because of all these fucked up beliefs.
Centuries of greed & deceit offer no answers just blind relief.

To question an authority of sleepers reeks of hostility but I'm no lamb for the slaughter of sheep herds.

The self proclaimed righteous silence the quiet, so why should we deny it all the aggression of those that defy it?

This is it, our time on this planet.
And that's the only miracle I'll ever need.
Why waste this beauty of chaos on controlling fuck-up-crisy?
I'm no scientist but I don't exist to live in false hierarchy.
Liars who don't know they're lying are still liars.

If there's one thing to believe in, it's yourself.

Blaspheming Mother Nature.
Designing looming structures creators want to hate you for questioning your own mind.
Fuck your thought crime fascist demands.
This is my mind & I'll choose my own commandments.
The time has come for these land piranhas to let the other land fish breathe.

Everyone needs to fucking calm down.

Holding on to uneducated faith like a Theist who feels safe having never read the bible.

Faith in you is as reliable as being guided by words of an archaic bible.
We've lost sight of compassionate survival.
Track Name: Mother's Nature
Respirating poison apple breath upon the steering wheel.
Fending for themselves, two lost boys by the roadside.
In the springtime of life it felt so unreal.
To be mothered by Jekyll & Hyde.

A pot of pills for dinner washed down with that old familiar venomous juice.
Charcoal for supper, needles in her hands, swallow another upper, a spectrum of abuse.

You affected my behaviour, drunk & disorderly behaviour.
I needed a saviour but nothing could save her.
Mother's nature.

A suicide note for bedtime reading.
Stomach pumped, laying slumped, barely breathing.
Mother please awaken.
What did I do to be forsaken?

The damage is done now.
Thought I could fix this somehow.
All I can do is forgive, not forget.
I tasted firewater in the womb of regret.

Acidify the polluted bowels.
Responsibility disavowed.
To ourselves we are the greatest threat.
Waking & shaking in a cold sweat.

For months he couldn't look at me.
I saw red, the moment the phone left the hook.
For years he wouldn't talk to me.
A dial tone still rings in my ears.

For a lifetime I'll wear these scars.
To wash away my fears.

Look what you've done to this family.
What would your father think?
You've made yourself an enemy.
How much further can you sink?

Tormented by cruel memories.
Clouded by pools of drink.
Fermented bullshit excuses.
Written with vomit as ink.

She loves you so love her back.
Do her final years mean jack shit to you?


Asylum creeper, attention seeker.
I eternally pity you & protect your name.
In the name of blame we love & shame.
Mother's pain.
Mother's bane.